Automatic C-140 light steel villa forming machine
Our Factory Advantages
BoTou Golden Integrity Roll Forming Machine Co., Ltd. is specialized in building materials of light steel structure. Since the factory founded 20 years before, it's always design and produce various type profile of roll forming machine.
The main products of factory is light gauge framing machine, pre-painted steel forming machine, Glazed Tile forming machine, Automatical C/Z Purlin forming machine, Floor Deck forming machine, Guardrail forming machine, Down Pipe forming machine, The whole carriage plate for car beam unit , Steel storage unit, etc. Totally it has 100 types in 20 serious.
The products are widely used in warehouse, factory buildings, supermarket, Nursing homes, villas, residential, greenhouse and other construction projects. Our factory can meet the construction enterprises, automobile industry, iron and steel production enterprises's growing demand. Company building area is over 5000 square meters, it has a highly efficient design, manufacturing, sales of high-quality team.
The machine is coving in 30 provinces of China and worldwile. The company always adhere to the "quality first, integrity first, service fast, continuous innovation" concept. Adoption of new technologies, development of new products, the application of advanced scientific management, and strive to make product quality better and better. The company sincerely cooperated with the steel, car, the city of road&bridge construction industry field. The roll forming machine can be designed according to customer's profiles. Thanks for the supporting and trust from the domestic and foreign customers. Our success is refine on and try to be better and better.
The machine is a high-end equipment. Through the design of house drawings, it can be completely input to the computer. The machine will automatically produce the corresponding houses. The construction is fast, the house structure is diverse and beautiful, and it is a new type of house structure that is very popular in the international society. .
Carrying steel coils, rotating steel coils. It has a micro-brake device to prevent inertia from moving forward during an emergency stop.
鈼廌rive mode: Electric drive load weight: 3.0T
鈼廔nner diameter range: 430-590mm outer diameter requirement: 1300mm
Other highlights
The equipment of Younaide Light Steel Villa is synchronized with the performance of international advanced villa equipment, and some improvements have been made on the basis of international advanced villa equipment to make the unit more practical and durable. Compared with foreign similar equipment, first of all, our price is favorable and cost-effective.
鈼廡he total weight of the machine is about 3T;
鈼廡he total length of the machine: 4m x 0.8m x1.2m (length * width * height);
鈼?Molding pass: 9 sets of spindle roll forming, 4 sets of fine roll forming;
鈼廙ain drive mode: servo motor (7.5KW), self-50 m / min (according to the number of punches and the length of the cut);
鈼廟oller: imported material, DC53. CNC center processing, HRC58-62掳, fine grinding;
鈼?Spindle: 40Cr is quenched and tempered, finely ground;
鈼?Frame and roof frame die stamping: 8 stations (pipeline holes, web holes, small side cuts, fixed holes, chamfers, web shrinkage, shearing, nail socket bolt holes, etc.)
鈼廔nkjet printer: double nozzle, waist height on both sides, spray code content can be set;
鈼?Cutting method: hydraulic cutting, blade material: imported material,Cr12Mov: tungsten steel, hydraulic power: 5.5KW;
Control system
The design parameters are directly transmitted to the control computer through the USB interface or the network. The NC control software installed in the computer is imported and the BOM documents are automatically read. After the import, the batch produced can be selected.
Other highlights
Compared with other domestic counterparts, YouNaide light steel equipment has low energy consumption, servo motor power: 7.5KW; hydraulic motor power 3.75KW; high production efficiency: line speed 35m/min (punching speed: 15m/min) The unit intensively breaks the traditional molding concept, does not card machine, has fewer molding passes, and the products are neatly arranged, and the volume is small and convenient for transportation to the construction site.
The entire device is equipped with an encoder, which controls the host 1, the printer 2, and the printer 3. During the production process, the computer host only accepts one position signal, which ensures the accuracy of the hole position and the accuracy of the keel size.
Highlights of the intelligent production system software of the light steel integrated house
The software is optimized from the underlying code design, has all independent intellectual property rights, and is fully compatible with mainstream light steel design software.
With unlimited cycle input production and freely selectable production functions, it provides users with automatic production from start to finish or single (multi-piece) parts selection service.
The user can freely adjust the production data according to the specific information of the mold in the production equipment to meet the needs of personalized production.
With real-time marking function, users can freely edit the labeling information of the production unit as needed.
The user can select non-automatic production according to actual needs, and realize single action of single or multiple molds by manual control.
鈼廣oltage: 380V, 3 Phase 50Hz
鈼?Control mode: 19 inch touch computer + electrical main control cabinet 1 set.
鈼?External controller: Set the emergency stop button on the control box of the device;
鈼廙ain parts origin: PLC (Mitsubishi), relay (Schneider, France), length encoder (OMRON), servo motor (INVT)
Our Service
A. Foreign debugging
We will arrange our professional engineers to help you install and debug the machines well. Buyer should pay $100for each engineer every day and should be responsible for transportation (including round-trip ticket), insurance, and suitable accommodation.
B. Guarantee period
1.The warranty will be maintenance, maintain in the guarantee period of 18 months starting from delivery. Because of the quality of equipment during guarantee period, we will provide the parts free of charges, which is in the conditions of correct operation. (Natural disasters or factors which can鈥檛 forced by human are excluded).
2.If the equipment are out of work in the guarantee period, the buyer needs our repairman to come to buyer鈥檚 factory, the buyer should be responsible for the tickets(including round-trip ticket), the fee of transportation to the buyer鈥檚 factory andaccommodation. Required to change spare parts, the buyer should afford the freight fee and we don鈥檛 ask extra fee.
C. Training
During installation and adjustment of the equipment, our engineers shall provide the training to
buyer鈥檚 personnel request to operate and maintain the equipment.
Including foundation construction, electrical works, hydraulic oil, safe operation and non-standard safety items, testing material and etc.
Q1. What are the main key points for selecting right machines?
A: Whole structure,Roller Shaft,Roller Material,Motor&Pump,and Control system. As the new buyer, please kindly know that price not the final point. Good quality is for long-term business cooperation
Q2. Can you provide OEM service for roll forming machine?
A: Yes, most of cold roll forming machine need to be customized as detailed request, because raw material , size , production usage, machine speed, then machine specification will be some different.
Q3. How about the quality control?
A: Our company has professional control team to control each part of the machine making processing with passed ISO9001:2000, CE,TUV/BV(Alibaba) Certificate.
Q4. If I am in Beijing,Shanghai or Guangzhou,how to visit your company?
A: 1) Beiing South Statioin to Cangzhou West Station (by fast train 1 hour).
2) Shanghai Hongqiao to Cangzhou West (4.5 hours)
3) Guangzhou Airport to Tianjin ,then Tianjin to Cangzhou West
When you arrive our station, we will arrange to pick up you there!low price Light Steel Villa Roll Forming Machine